N4JS Language & IDE

N4JS Userguides

All the resources you need to begin type safe development with the N4JS IDE


N4JS Specification

For a complete reference of the N4JS Language, the Specification is available at the following location:

IDE Setup & HelloWorld!

This short introduction covers the basics of getting up and running with the N4JS IDE. From installation to running HelloWorld!, quickly learn about new features of the N4JS IDE, how to create a new project, manage workspaces and begin development!

npm Export Guide

The npm Export Guide briefly covers the essentials of Node.js development. A simple code example is written and exported from the N4JS IDE as an npm package, run from the command line and published to the npm registry. Quickly learn how to streamline Node.js development using the N4JS IDE.

In-Depth Tutorial

Using the built-in example projects as a reference, this in-depth tutorial covers the most important tools and features of the N4JS IDE. The example project is explained as a domain model and built step-by-step. New features of the N4JS IDE are introduced along the way such as modules , type annotations , dependency injection , testing with an example test project and more.